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MAP OFFICE: Where the Map is the Territory

Office for Discourse Engineering
Artists' Books
21.8 × 26 × 2.2 cm

‘Tracing two decades of the development of Hong Kong-based MAP Office (Gutierrez + Portefaix) in an evolution from architectural research to artistic interventions, Where the Map is the Territory catalogues process-oriented and ongoing projects related broadly to the dialectics of body and territory, legibility, and (in)visibility. The text, structured around six clusters of work anchored by core conversations with curators Maurizio Bortolotti, Norman Ford, Hou Hanru, Josef Ng, Claire Tancons, and Robin Peckham (ed.), seeks to build a repertoire of observational and productive tactics accumulated through exhibitions, competitions, and festivals. These strategies begin in Hong Kong, migrate to the Pearl River Delta, expand to China as a whole, and then explode this rubric into a generalised logic from virtual spaces to other global territories.’ (Back cover)

Includes artist biographies.

  1. MAP OFFICE: Where the Map is the Territory

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