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Sakahan: International Indigenous Art

National Gallery of Canada
Artists' Books
21 × 24.5 × 2.2 cm

This is a fascinating look at the growing world of international indigenous art collection and study. In the Algonquin language, “Sakahan” means to light a fire, which is exactly what this publication aims to do. Sakahan: International Indigenous Art celebrates a growing international commitment to the collection, study and exhibition of Indigenous art. Featuring more than 75 artists from around the world, this remarkable project provides an outstanding opportunity to see work by some of the most innovative contemporary artists. These artworks cite histories, stories and perspectives that emerge from specific local contexts and, as we live in an increasingly globalized world, these events affect us all. This profusely illustrated volume features over 150 artworks by artists from a wide range of countries, including, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Australia, India, Japan, and Finland. The artists’ approaches are as varied as their chosen media, which include performance art, drawing, installations, painting, photography, sculpture and video.

  1. Sakahan: International Indigenous Art

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