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Decisive Moments

Paul Dutton, Michael Snow, John Oswald, and CCMC
Music Gallery
Audio CD
14 × 12.3 × 1 cm

CCMC Hot real-time electro-acoustic collective composition.

“What does CCMC stand for? It could, relevantly be “Cries Crashes Murmurs Clanks” or for example “Cynthia Can’t Marry Chuck” but also it (the group with the name CCMC) stands for and behind the music on this record. Our music is brought to our ears by “improvisation,” more specifically by “Hot Real-Time Electro-Acoustic Composition.” Our music is here brought to your ears (and ours) by recording. We tape record all our concerts. The music is a music-of-the-moment but we want the moment(s) preserved. We record as accurate a document as is technologically possible. Paul Hodge has been our recording engineer for 15 years. The music on this CD has had no post-playing studio manipulation. We record everything first so that after the music is played (and it can never be played again) we can hear it again… from the outside. In the moment(s) of creation, each musician is inside the on-going phenomenon. Listening to its recording we can review what happened, analyze, criticize, and enjoy the music’s new incarnation. Our music grows organically in that if something developed (reinforced by re-listening to its taping) that moved us all, it will re-appear in a new form. Frequent listening reveals elements and structures that were not apparent during the playing; that in fact could only be revealed on the analysis that recording offers… The pieces on this record are our decisive moments; pieces which we believe are rich, aural, emotional and intellectual adventures which will reveal more and more on re-listening. Wen are proud of these musics-of-the-moment made eternal(!) and hope you will pleasurably share our digitized discoveries.” -Michael Snow

Artists on the album include: Michael Snow, Al Mattes, Paul Dutton, John Kamevaar, John Oswald, and Jack Vorvis.

Track listing:

1 What’s The Head For This One? 10:38
2 Suddenly 9:36
3 Ain’t Misbehavin All The Way – Composed By Andy Razaf, Fats Waller 7:30
4 Walls 6:05
5 Sliced Cat 5:09
6 Last Night I Barked 14:18
7 Better Than Beethoven Is Better Than Better Than 5:35
8 A Minor Electrical Problem 10:52
9 How It Seemed At The Time 3:13

  1. Decisive Moments

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