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Larry Dubin and CCMC

Paul Dutton, Larry Dubin, Michael Snow, Nobuo Kubota, and John Oswald
Music Gallery

CCMC. ‘Free music orchestra’ formed in 1974 in Toronto as the Canadian Creative Music Collective. Only the acronym was in use by 1978. Defining itself as ‘a composing ensemble… united by a desire to play music that is fluid, spontaneous, and self-regulating,’ the CCMC, by its instrumentation, by the backgrounds of several of its founders, and by the improvised nature of its music, was initially aligned with the free jazz community.

Its original members were Peter Anson (guitar and later synthesizer), Graham Coughtry (trombone), Larry Dubin (percussion), Greg Gallagher (saxophones), Nobuo Kubota (saxophones), Allan Mattes (bass, bass guitar, electronics), Casey Sokol (piano), Bill Smith (saxophones), and Michael Snow (trumpet and piano). After early performances in private, the CCMC established the Music Gallery in 1976, regularly. Three LP set.

  1. Larry Dubin and CCMC

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