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Read & Write: The Pencil Project

Old Weston
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0.5 × 19 × 0.5 cm

In order to help raise money for the Sarvajanik Highschool in Navsari, India, twelve Toronto-based artists, poets and writers have contributed their work, thoughts and ideas to create a unique series of pencils, the basic tool for expression, creation and learning.

Contributing artists, poets and writers: Souvankham Thammavongsa, Alayna Munce, Elizabeth Bachinsky, George Murray, Micah Lexier, Paul Vermeersch, Nick Thran, Sue Sinclair, Sarah L. Selecky, Derek McCormack, Lynn Crosbie, Kyle Buckley

Each pencil carries the initials of the corresponding artist, writer, poet.

  1. Read & Write: The Pencil Project

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