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Holeness (No. 1 - 4)

Andrea Heller
Rebecca Geldard
Artists' Books
11 × 19 × 0.5 cm

Holeness is a collaboration between artist Andrea Heller and writer Rebecca Geldard. This four-part series of images and micro stories explores the physical and metaphorical resonances of holes. For all the implied emptiness and stillness, a hole is an active disturbance within another structure, dug, cut, worn and punched into and out of being. Both Heller’s fantastical combinations of abstract and recognisable forms and Geldard’s capsule narratives draw upon this sense of tension surrounding the hole as evidence of an act, the complexities of objecthood and an articulation of absence.

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Four booklets – One Publication

Artist: Andrea Heller

Writer: Rebecca Geldard

Design: Andrea Heller

  1. Holeness (No. 1 - 4)

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