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David Then & Now - Lexier, Micah

Micah Lexier
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16 × 23.7 cm

This book is a document of Lexier’s project, “David Then & Now”, which took place in a series of bus shelters in Winnipeg in the summer of 2005. The project consisted of a 48 different images placed in the spaces normally occupied by bus shelter advertisements. Each bus shelter image consisted of a pair of images, taken of the same person 10 years apart. Each of the people being depicted in the images had the first name of David. The original images were taken in 1993 for a project entitled “A Portrait of David” which consisted of 75 different men and boys named David, one for each age, from age 1 to age 75. “David Then & Now” updates that project and is a document of what a decade looks like as seen in the changes that each individual went through over that 10-year period of time.

The main body of the catalogue consists of 75 full-page image spreads, one for each of the original 75 Davids including their before and after picture. Those Davids that could not be found or who had passed away by the time of the 2003 photo shoot are represented with a blank spot.

Essays by Alison Gillmor & Steven Matijcio with a foreword by Anthony Kiendl.

  1. David Then & Now - Lexier, Micah

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