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In Tribute: A Labour of Love

Honey Novick
self published, Toronto, 1997
6.8 × 10.6 × 1.6 cm

A translucent royal blue cassette featuring musical compositions from artist and creative vocalist Honey Novick paying tribute to some key creative influences. Tributees include Jane Jacobs, BP, John Hirsch, Allen Ginsberg, Irving Layton, Milton Acorn, Ana Maria, Wayne Shorter and Judith Merril.

Track Listing and additional information from H. Novick:

1. The City is for the People 2:20 “For Jane and Bob Jacobs and their family who guided me in life.”
2. For BP – June 24, 1997 1:03 “He’s an inspiration.”
3. Adio Querido 3:11 “For Jorge Saia and Ron Gabe of General Idea; John Hirsch and Allen Ginsberg.”
4. Ben Shmonim “;Gvurah, Irving 1:58 Performed for Irving with Leonard Cohen in attendance. “In the Jewish tradition, when one turns eighty, it is said, “Ben Shmonim L’Gvurah” literally meaning “Son of 80, Good Health” but is meant “Eighty is for Strength.”
5. Proposal For a Realistic Existentialism 1:26 “It was a privilege to know him and his family.”
6. From the 13th Century Writings of Japanese Sage Nichiren Daishonin 2:27 “Dedicated to the music of Wayne Shorter and to the life and enlightment of Wayne and Ana Maria Shorter.”
7. Speak for Me 2:27 “For Judy Merril, who was like a mother to me. Recorded hours after I learned of her death.”

  1. In Tribute: A Labour of Love

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