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OM: the oneiric metropolis Box 10: annotated cities (the city archive project) - Rance, Donald

Donald Rance
self published
Artists' Books
Boxed Artist Book
14.5 × 20 × 4.5 cm

Annotated Cities is an unbound artist book presented in a black clamshell box. This is the 10th collection of b/w inkjet printed images produced by Donald Rance as part of his “the city archive project”. The snapshots reproduced here have been sourced from found photographs of annonymous folks and details of their lives. Every one of these photos is accompanied by a reproduction of the hand-written annotations found on the backs of the originals. Signed and numbered edition of 25 copies.

  1. OM: the oneiric metropolis Box 10: annotated cities (the city ar

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