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  1. Edith Heath: Philosophies
  2. Offerings in Exchange for Safe Passage
  3. Peter Rozek: BC TO BC
  4. Alex Morrison: DunLurnin, DunCarin, DunLivin (Small)
  5. Alex Morrison: DunLurnin, DunCarin, DunLivin (Medium)
  6. William J. O’Brien: Ceramic Heads
  7. slice of tongue
  8. Craters
  9. Vida Beyer: Dance Like You’ve Never Been Hurt, Love Like You Don’t Need The Money, Work Like No One’s Watching
  10. Vida Beyer: We are all Limited People
  11. Alex Morrison: DunLurnin, DunCarin, DunLivin (Large)
  12. Paradox
  13. The Centre for Land Use Interpretation: CLUI Mug
  14. CCOOLL Mug
  15. Shio Kusaka: Pots
  16. Robin Cameron: Hands and Feet
  17. Leah James: Ceramic Necklace
  18. Ceramic Puzzle
  19. Ceramic Vase
  20. Ceramic Vase
  21. No Theory No Cry Porcelain Cards
  22. The Center for Land Use Interpretation Mug
  23. Christopher Schreck: New Balance
  24. Jonathan Monk: Finger Food
  25. Eunice Luk: it’s only five after ten
  26. Eunice Luk: Part of an Apple
  27. Eunice Luk: Untitled (Vassel)
  28. Candyass Kitchen Plates