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  1. Mabry Specimen
  2. Derya Akay: Gift Wrap
  3. Soap Work #001b
  4. Philip Ocampo: Souvenir Sculptures (Berlin): cup + coaster
  5. Rosa Aiello: Inferno Tiles
  6. Basil AlZeri: Balzeri by BALZERI Hairy Wrapping Paper
  7. Maya Ben David: Preggy Anthro Plane
  8. Erica Conly and Sean Procyk: Litebloc 10
  10. Francisco-Fernando Granados: towards a minor abstraction
  11. Natalie Anne Howard: Sooky Shirt: Walking In the Garden
  12. Natalie Anne Howard: Sooky Shirt: Catching A Fairy
  13. Sidney Masuga: Web of Day
  14. Robert Anthony O’Halloran: Soap Work #082-088
  15. Andrew J Paterson: malemail
  16. Derek Sullivan: Souvenir Vase Bookmark Ornament
  17. Marlo Yarlo: Just Relax
  18. Philip Ocampo: Souvenir Sculptures (Berlin): postcard
  19. Vida Beyer: Dance Like You’ve Never Been Hurt, Love Like You Don’t Need The Money, Work Like No One’s Watching
  20. Vida Beyer: We are all Limited People
  21. Diane Borsato: Olfactory Map of Sterling Road
  22. Connor Crawford: Wall Coffee
  23. Patrick Cruz: Colocasia esculenta
  24. Janis Demkiw: LCBO Wine Tote (leather replica & variations)
  25. Mike Goldby: Money Wallet
  26. Kara Hamilton: monument
  27. Alicia Nauta: Winter Solstice Pillowcases
  28. Rajni Perera: Original Objects
  29. Celia Perrin Sidarous: Leena’s rock, a pillow
  30. Chloe Seibert: 2018 Efficiency Calendar
  31. Brittany Shepherd: Still Life
  32. Beth Stuart: Macaroni Necklace
  33. Shellie Zhang: I Can’t Believe It’s MSG! & MSG Recipe Cards